Manifattura Riese is an Emilia-based company, part of the Navy Group, known in the sportswear sector for the Navigare brand.

Like all companies in the fashion sector, it has a supply chain characterised by different suppliers: from the smallest companies, with a low level of computerisation, to highly structured multinationals.


  • To integrate a complex network of suppliers: small and large supplier, highly structured companies with an international dimension
  • To improve product delivery deadline
  • To speed up packaging activities taking into account the changes in itinere
  • To have the complete control of the evolution of the order


IUNGO Procurement, with the following modules:

  • Purchase Order
  • Contract work

Integration with AS400


  • 100% of integrated suppliers of different complexities and sizes
  • + 80% of buyer time spent on decision-making and statistics
  • Precise and consistent production planning
  • Procedures for monitoring the evolution of the buyer-independent order