Procurement to pay

Digitalize your procurement process with IUNGO

Manage all processes from issuing orders to delivery and payment through an end-to-end system with IUNGO. IUNGO traces every phase and helps you understand where any waste may be and if there are any unexpressed opportunities, like goods and services that could be accessed more conveniently.

Thanks to IUNGO mail, planning times and ROI are very rapid.

  • Reducing order management times
  • Increasing supplier reactivity
  • No disputes thanks to information transparency
  • Process check and traceability
  • Automated (technical) documentation management
  • Supplier performance measurement
  • Goods entry process optimisation
order management

Thanks to its integration with the ERP system, IUNGO transmits all types of order directly to the supplier by structuring communications and guaranteeing data updates in real time.

All types of order can be handled, including open orders, closed orders, work accounts, Kanban, stock consignments etc…

What benefits can you enjoy:

  • thanks to IUNGOmail you can collaborate with 100% of your suppliers
  • constantly updated data in-house
  • manage eventual production plan changes with suppliers in real time
  • suppliers kept constantly in line with your expectations
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asn and barcorde

IUNGO allows your suppliers to generate temporary ASN and labels in order to simplify goods entry recognition and warehouse loading.

  • You can enjoy full visibility of your goods while in transit via a temporary ASN document linked to every line in the order.
  • You can also plan the receipt of goods in your warehouse
  • Load goods using the automatic barcode reading taken when the goods arrived
  • Acquire any printed Transport Documents sent by the supplier automatically
  • Link the Transport Document to the temporary ASN automatically
  • Indicate any discrepancies between the Transport Document and the temporary ASN
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Procure-to-Pay saving with IUNGO

  • Asset-4@3x
    – 50% of the average number of days
    to process an order request
  • Asset-8@3x
    Delivery performance
    increased by 35%
  • Asset-9@3x
    5000 printed orders
    completely zeroed
  • Asset-10@3x
    Delivery to end customer
    lead time reduced by 80%
  • Asset-11@3x
    Freedom from dominant
  • Asset-12@3x
    Complete process control from
    procurement to production: customer
    deliveries are on time in 97% of cases