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Thanks to IUNGO you can find the right supplier for you, qualify it rapidly and compare it with other suppliers.

All this by simply browsing within our community.

The IUNGO Purchase and Quotation Requests module enables you to manage purchase requests quickly and easily via the automatic sending of complete and structured quotation requests. IUNGO also gives you the possibility to compare and negotiate offers received in real time, in a guided and immediate way, guaranteeing complete traceability and transparency of purchase tenders.


IUNGO’s purchase orders module makes it possible to resolve the critical issues that you face on a daily basis so that you can focus on tasks with high added value for you and on achieving objectives.

Manage your purchase orders with just a few clicks!

IUNGO ASN and Barcode labels module enables you to simplify supplier goods entry and monitor shipments and goods in transit, helping you to promptly prevent delays in deliveries.

Manage your incoming goods with just a few clicks!


Selects the right suppliers and segment them using criteria useful to the company. With IUNGO, qualifying, managing and monitoring your supplier list is simple and effective!

You can qualify suppliers with ad hoc questionnaires, monitor their completion and assign scores and ratings.

IUNGO enables you to measure the performance of your suppliers and more!

From those available, you can choose the reports and performance indicators useful for your evaluations, create new reports, customize existing reports by adapting them to your analysis criteria.


IUNGO’s goods origin declarations module enables you to manage automatically requests to suppliers for information on the origin of the items supplied and to obtain in a timely manner the certificates of origin mandated by the regulations and filled in by suppliers

Flagging up Non-Compliance and handling it together with the supplier will allow you to keep a high-quality level of supplies. Thanks to IUNGO, you and your supplier can work as a team to trace the root causes of any Non-Compliance and coordinate corrective actions, in order to solve the problem and ensure it is not repeated.

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