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vendor management

Supplier Management

The efficient management of suppliers and measuring their performance allows companies to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks in order to obtain a higher number of suppliers throughout the entire duration of the negotiation.


Sourcing Management

IUNGO helps you to digitize the Sourcing process phase, making it faster and more effective to search for alternative suppliers and requesting bids from a wider and more qualified panel of suppliers.

Contract Management

With IUNGO you can manage materials recalls linked to a framework contract or open order, it also handles the sending of the purchase contract with the contract document attached.

procurement to pay

Requisition to pay

Manage all processes from issuing orders to delivery and payment through an end-to-end system with IUNGO. IUNGO traces every phase and helps you understand where any waste may be and if there are any unexpressed opportunities.

Risk & Regulation

Automatedly manage all documentation related to your suppliers such as declarations of goods origin or DURC and learn how to minimize supply-related risks.

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