Why digitalize your procurement process with IUNGO?

Digitalizing the Sourcing process phases makes looking for alternative suppliers faster and more efficient and requesting offers from a wider and more qualified panel of suppliers allows you to reach your goals while respecting company procedures.

  • Automate and accelerate Scouting activities
  • Search potential and pre-qualified suppliers
  • Access updated documentation on suppliers
  • Improve general supply conditions
  • Monitor supplier performance
  • Increase procurement process activity traceability

Scouting supplier

Every Supply Chain project begins with the identification of the right suppliers.

Thanks to IUNGO you can find the right supplier for you, qualify them rapidly and compare them with other suppliers.

All this by simply navigating the IUNGO community.

rda rdo

Purchase and Offer Request

The IUNGO Purchase and Quotation Requests module enables you to manage purchase requests quickly and easily via the automatic sending of complete and structured quotation requests.

IUNGO also gives you the possibility to compare and negotiate received quotations in real time, in a guided and immediate way, guaranteeing the complete traceability and transparency of purchase tenders.

With IUNGO you can manage your purchase requests and negotiate the received quotations with just a few clicks.

Managing this process in a structured manner allows you to obtain the best purchasing conditions quickly and transparently.

supplier register

Supplier Qualification Process

An updated supplier register helps you in the choice of potential suppliers and in your purchase tenders.

With IUNGO’s qualification process you will always have available the qualification status of all your suppliers at the moment of the opening of the tender.

  • Updated qualification status of the supplier at any time
  • It’s easy to verify the status of the tender thanks to a complete picture of the information about the suppliers involved

Discover all the benefits of using IUNGO

  • time-02
    30% reduction in
    purchasing lead time
  • tempi-ridotti-02
    Supplier response times reduced
    from 1 week to max 1/2 days
  • condizioni-acquisto-02
    Purchasing conditions
    improved by up to 10%
  • riduzione-costo-02
    Up to 5% reduction
    in purchase costs
  • tempo-manager-02
    80% of manager’s time recuperated
    in favour of scouting activities
  • candidatura-02
    Over 2600 potential
    supplier applications