Among the tools produced by Snap-on there are the digital wheel balancers, the computerized wheel aligners with laser technology and artificial view, the roller brake and suspension tester and the cartyre changers. Born in 1920, the American multinational has a yearly turnover of more than 3 billion dollar, more than 10.000 employees and plants all over the world.


  • To maintain an excellent level of production in terms of quantity, quality and innovation, while maintaining an excellent level of customer service
  • Efficiently manage a large number of suppliers in different product categories, with different geographical locations
  • Improve reliability and response times of the supply network
  • Create a dynamic chain capable of managing information in real time


IUNGO Procurement, with the following modules:

  • Scheduling agreement
  • Purchase Order
  • Reporting (Vendor Rating)
  • Declaration of origin of goods
  • Rfx
  • Supplier POrtal
  • ASN
  • Barcode labels

Integration with SAP


  • Integration of all the suppliers
  • Communication between buyer and supplier is more fluid and focused on creating added value instead of settling misunderstandings and disputes
  • The situation of orders is always monitored, everything is integrated with the SAP and even the slightest change is immediately reported