GEA Procomac is an important Italian industrial reality based in Sala Barganza, in the province of Parma.
The company’s core business is the design, construction and installation of aseptic and non-aseptic bottling lines for liquids such as water, fruit juices, flat drinks, milk and milk-based products and isotonic drinks.

The objectives that the company had when it chose to implement IUNGO were of two types: tactical (increasing internal efficiency) and strategic (improving the performance of the supply chain)…


  • To increase internal efficiency, saving time in low value-added activities for order management and managing a very complex network at low cost
  • To improve supply chain performance by reducing procurement times, improving delivery reliability and reducing inventory


IUNGO Procurement, with the following modules:

  • Purchase order
  • Reporting (Vendor Rating)
  • Declaration of origin of goods
  • Supplier Portal
  • RfX

Integration with Diapason


  • Buyers have more time to devote to negotiating the terms of the order
  • Management of technical attachments through IUNGO
  • Customization that allows an approval workflow
  • Paper orders eliminated, validation carried out electronically
  • 100% Integrated suppliers