IUNGO Sales Edition

How to increase internal efficiency with better sales order management?

  • Eliminate manual data entries in the company management system
  • Reduce low added-value activities to leave more time for strategic activities
  • Eliminate the risk of error due to manual data entries
  • Greater comprehensiveness, information speed and reliability
  • Homogeneous customer management that respects everyone’s requirements and characteristics
data extractor


This solution is aimed at those who want to optimise sales order acquisition processes without asking customers for “anything” and automating the acquisition of received orders in a PDF format.

Main features:

  • High data extraction reliability
  • Operating autonomy: template creation, non conformity document checks…
  • Semantic correspondence checks (customer/VAT no, order and lines, total no of lines and document total)


IUNGO Business Data Integration is a solution that integrates the main flows exchanged between customers and suppliers (Orders, Confirmations, BOLs, Invoices…) via data exchange.

Thanks to the IUNGO standard that involves all IUNGO and other customers, with this service, suppliers can optimize all flows without having to perform endless integration projects or sustain costs for each transaction.