Maintain a high level of quality with IUNGO

Monitoring the healthy state of active suppliers, keeping the quality level of procurement supplies high through lean and efficient Non Conformity management and handling product origin declarations automatically are key characteristics for achieving a healthy Supply Chain and reducing risks in the procurement process.

  • Collect supplier information and keep it updated
  • Detect any non-conformity in products purchased
  • Manage non-conformities together with the supplier
  • Avoid disputes
  • Increase product origin traceability

Flagging up Non-Conformities and handling them together with the supplier will allow you to keep the quality level of supplies high. Thanks to IUNGO you and your supplier can work as a team to trace the reason back to the root of the non conformity and coordinate corrective actions to solve the problem and ensure it is not repeated.

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supplier register

You can monitor the healthy state of your suppliers by regularly asking them about the issues that are most important to keeping your Supply Chain healthy and reducing risks.

IUNGO automatically indicates when supplier document information is about to expire and allows you to detect any significant changes extremely quickly.

The result is a constantly updated supplier register with high-quality information that is useful for both day-to-day operations and strategic decisions.

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origin of goods

Thanks to IUNGOmail you can collect and manage origin, preferential origin and “made in” documents easily and ensure they are compiled correctly and in compliance with customs regulations.

You can enjoy significant benefits, like:

  • Standard compliance
  • Process digitalisation and reduced management times as a consequence
  • More comprehensive system information and logging
  • Easier declaration storage and retrieval in the event of an inspection
  • Less risk of human error and penal sanctions
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Maintain a high level of quality with IUNGO

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    Standard compliance
  • project-management-1
    Greater efficiency
  • information
    Information logging
  • 013-vision
    Prevent future non conformities
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    Better supplier collaboration
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    Constantly updated documentation