Vendor Management

Digitalize Vendor Management activities with IUNGO

The efficient management of suppliers and measuring their performance allows companies to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks in order to obtain a higher number of suppliers throughout the entire duration of the negotiation.

  • Guarantee compliance with standards
  • Measure the performance of suppliers on the basis of objective parameters
  • Guarantee document compliance (Durc,…)
  • Access updated information on your suppliers
supplier register

Qualification Process

Select the right suppliers and categorise them using key company criteria.

With IUNGO qualifying, managing and monitoring your supplier register is simple and effective!

  • Qualify suppliers with ad hoc questionnaires
  • Monitor the compilation of questionnaires
  • Assign points
  • Create a scorecard based on the responses given by the supplier and customer assessments/audits
  • Assign evaluations
  • Calculate supplier ratings
  • Manage a blacklist for anyone with a score less than the company policy minimum
report kpi

Customised KPIs

IUNGO allows you to measure the performance of your suppliers and more!

  • To make your assessments choose the reports and measurement indicators you need
  • Create new reports
  • Customize existing reports by adapting them to your analysis criteria
  • Make your team more efficient

Give evidence of the results achieved to your suppliers in order to raise their awareness and make your working relationship more efficient.

The benefits of IUNGO vendor management

  • rotazione-02
    + 30% rotation index
  • aumento-fatturato-02
    Increased turnover
  • geo-02
    Efficient monitoring and management
    of suppliers even if geographically distant
  • stock-02
    Less tied-up stock
  • valutazione-02
    Objective performance
  • collaborazione-02
    Better supplier collaboration