The purchasing department is under constant pressure to reduce costs and make savings across the business.

There are several levers on which one can act to reduce costs:

  • renegotiate existing contracts
  • making use of tenders
  • scouting for new suppliers to find better terms

These are undoubtedly good activities, but they take time: the first point to focus on in order to reduce costs must therefore be process optimisation. The first cost to be reduced is that of managing low value-added operational activities.

Technology comes to our aid.

Continuous information exchanges with suppliers, documentation exchanges, change and negotiation management, order confirmations, expediting and archiving are all time-consuming activities that can be automated.

reduce costs
  • time_light_ok-02
    reduce order and supplier handling time
  • piu-veloci_light-02
    reduce supplier response time
  • controllo_light-02
    track and be in full control of the whole process
  • updated_light-02
    manage documentation in real time and always have evidence of the latest update
  • risparmio_light-02
    understand more easily where waste lurks
  • save-time-_light-02
    have more time to devote to marketing purchases

Digital and automated process management results in:

  • Increased operational effectiveness. Our activities are carried out faster and more solidly, getting straight to the result. Reduction in the number of human resources (or the same number of human resources with an increase in volume), reduction in average order handling time, reduction in average supplier response time
  • Reduced operating costs. Fewer human resources to perform the same activities, because you work better
  • Improved service level. You trace the process, measure it and consequently have the necessary elements to define an improvement plan. Suppliers’performance is measured and one has concrete, objective elements to share corrective actions.
  • Increased efficiency throughout the supply chain. Not only procurement, but the entire supply chain is involved in the improvement process


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