Orders with exceptions

The orders received are not always standard and are sometimes different in both form and content. We are thinking of orders with different destinations, orders with different delivery dates in the same document, orders with no delivery date at all or an unidentifiable customer name, etc.


Maintaining data records

Customer portfolio information is continually evolving as are the methods for transmitting customers’ orders. Keeping data records updated is therefore not simple and, sometimes, due to a lack of time and resources it can be put on the back burner to the detriment of company processes.


Heterogeneous communication

The Sales Office is usually inundated by a mass of orders transmitted by customers using different methods (fax, mail, pdf attachments, EDI, call centers) that then have to be processed with all the limits that heterogeneous communication involves.


The solution to your needs

The capacity to process and fill incoming orders rapidly is crucially important to every company’s competitive advantage, customer satisfaction and customer service excellence. Introducing technological solutions like IUNGO to digitalize sales orders brings notable benefits because it automates sales order entry operations within the company management system and helps improve company processes significantly.



The entire supply chain can be integrated because it uses a series of technologies and NOT only EDI.



“Problem” orders are recognised, put in stand-by and the seller is informed.



The risk of error linked to entering data manually is reduced.

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