IUNGO platform

The supply chain management platform that helps you digitise your purchasing processes through IUNGOmail technology

A comprehensive communication tool

Increased effectiveness of your team by reducing the time needed to manage suppliers for non-value activities.

Using our services brings no additional costs to the provider because it communicates directly through the mailbox, without registering with any portal

iungo platform

Maximum traceability of operations

The management of the purchasing process is simple and transparent: every change is tracked and communications to the supplier or other corporate departments are automatic and always up-to-date.

For example, the management of orders is based on individual lines whose history is stored.

Easy implementation in daily activiteis

Thanks to its ease of use and versatility (filterable dashboard, customised labels….), your purchasing team will be incentivised to use it and will improve its daily operations from day one, allowing it to focus on more strategic purchasing activities.

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How does it works?

Orders are generated by the ERP, passing through IUNGO to the supplier in the form of IUNGOmail (to learn more about IUNGOmail).

The supplier can confirm with one click, and in this case the confirmation arrives directly on the customer’s ERP. If, however, the supplier proposes changes, these are handled as “exceptions” on the IUNGO portal.

From the IUNGO platform, the buyer:

  • has visibility of all purchase orders in a single dashboard

  • by means of a colour coding has evidence on the orders to be handled

  • always knows whether the order has been seen by the supplier, thanks to a tick

  • can automatically send an order to a supplier

  • can send automatic reminders

  • can export information to the ERP with one click

With the IUNGO platform you can also manage: