Features and benefits of IUNGO
Purchase and Quotation Request module

Are you a buyer?

How often…
…do you receive purchase requests from other corporate departments in a way that is unstructured (on the phone, by mail, etc.) with the risk of not handling them at all or late? 
… would you like to easily retrieve the quotation requests you have sent, in case you need to update them?

Are you a purchasing/supply chain or operations manager?

…would you like to compare and negotiate offers received from suppliers in real time in a clear and effective manner on a single dashboard?
…do you not have a complete overview and traceability of the way in which the tenders are being executed and of the office’s performance?


The IUNGO purchase and quotation requests module can help you! ➜

With IUNGO you can monitor the processing of requests, spot critical issues and work on purchasing tenders with full traceability of the negotiation carried out.  


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What can you do with IUNGO?

  • View the processing of purchase requests in a single dashboard
  • View the status of each tender in real time
  • Complete traceability of the history and transparency of the tender
  • Automatically send quotation requests to the supplier via IUNGOmail
  • Compare the quotations received in a complete overview of all relevant information for awarding the tender
  • Negotiate effectively with all the suppliers involved, with history of the negotiation carried out and the most competitive offer

And the supplier?

He operates from within a IUNGOmail, from which:

  • He carries out all operations: it completes the offer, it proposes any changes, it can download attachments entered by the customer and attach any documents to supplement the offer
  • He can download an Excel file of the offer request, fill it in and then upload it to IUNGOmail itself: the fields entered will be filled in automatically
  • Send with a simple click its quotation or any alternative proposal under negotiation
  • He receives regular summaries of quotation requests it has not responded to



monitoring the processing of ongoing
purchase requests and tenders


real-time negotiation of
quotations received


automatic comparison
of quotations


transparency and traceability
of tasks carried out

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