Elettric80 has a history that spans over thirty years. The company has experienced continuous growth with acquisitions and innovative solutions and nowadays it performs a leading role in the integrated logistics systems market. Their products consist of warehouse management software solutions, robotic palletisers, laser guided vehicles (LGVs), pallet quality control systems and robotised wrapping machines.


  • To streamline the processes and organization of the purchasing department
  • To have complete control of processes from order to production
  • To assess the supplier’s performance objectively


IUNGO Procurement, with the folllwing modules:

  • Scheduling agreement
  • Purchase order
  • ASN
  • Reporting

Integration with SAP


  • 90% of integrated suppliers in a couple of months
  • 50% of order confirmations arrived within 24 hours
  • Automatic reminders
  • 90% paper saving for archiving
  • Creation and submission of a report to the supplier assessing the performance in terms of product conformity, delivery speed, reliability and flexibility