Roj srl, representing excellence in the production of high-tech electronics for industry, was established in 1965.

Over the years it increasingly focused on lean thinking and as early as 2014, with the reorganization of its logistics, began to put the theory into practice.

Industry 4.0” principles were then applied in the production lines, and the technological transformation process even reached procurement, with support from IUNGO


  • To create a more structured purchase order management process
  • To apply Lean logic to procurement activities, making them more efficient
  • To integrate a large number of suppliers, which are very different from each other
  • To re-allocate expediting to more buyers, so that it is not overwhelming


IUNGO Procurement, modules activated:

  • Purchase orders
  • Delivery schedules/reminders


  • reduction in the time dedicated to checking order lines
  • the order management process has become stronger: with IUNGO everything is tracked. You know precisely if the order has been received, read, if the supplier has interacted…
  • a real advantage during auditing with customers and certifying bodies, which recognized that the purchasing department uses a robust system
  • less overwhelming expediting, spread across a number of different buyers to keep the workload reasonable
  • sharing of the log of each order: anyone can work on it without the need for a handover
  • integration of different suppliers thanks to the possibility of choosing from three different ways of communicating with IUNGO (IUNGOmail, portal, EDI)

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