Modula is the Italian company established in Fiorano and now in Salvaterra di Reggio Emilia which is a leader in the creation, design and production of vertical automatic warehouses. The idea dates back to 1987 when businessman Franco Stefani thought up an automatic system for holding goods in a neat, clean and controlled way. It allows operators to easily find what they are looking for in the warehouse without moving between long shelving, which is bad for health, ergonomics and efficiency.
Modula is also the name of the product: an automatic vertical cabinet which can store any type of product, from screws and micro-components to car parts, bars, engines, pallets.


  • To reduce interfacing times between suppliers and Modula
  • To manage reminders effectively
  • To organize flows with a view to expanding the logistics department
  • To merge the information also visible to other departments


IUNGO Procurement, modules activated:

  • Purchase orders
  • Delivery Plan/Reminderes
  • ASN + plug in Extractor

Integration with SAP ERP and WINDCHILL (connection to drawings/CAD UT)


  • simplification of operations and reduced times spent on management
  • greater sharing of internal data which can be found at any time by all operators
  • 112 integrated suppliers (approx. 80% of turnover)
  • tool used by 4 people in purchasing, 2 in production, 1 in planning and 1 in logistics
  • around 1800/1900 lines per month currently issued with IUNGO (around 400 orders)

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