Lamberti spa is an international leader in the production of customised chemical solutions that are used as components in various industrial applications in the textile, leather, paper, construction, paint and varnish, oil extraction, agriculture and cosmetics sectors.

With almost a century of history behind it, it currently employs 1300 people and has more than 30 companies worldwide, including plants and sales offices, with its headquarters in Gallarate.

The company has recently undergone a reorganisation of its procurement department, involving IUNGO for the digitalisation part.


  • Reorganising the purchasing management
  • Simplify the numerous transactions and interactions betweenthe various plants, the central office and suppliers
  • Achive the integration of 90% of suppliers


IUNGO Procurement, with the following modules and work in progress:

  • Purchase order
  • Scheduling agreement
  • Work orders

Approval workflow management

Integration with SAP


  • 200 direct and continous suppliers integrated on IUNGO
  • 65% of procurement-related transactions on IUNGO
  • Halved the time spent on inter-plant transatcions thanks to digitalisation and the new procurement organisation
  • Simplified procurement activities for both central procurement and plant supply chains