29 October 2020
comunicazione efficace

4 success stories in effective communication with suppliers

Transforming the Supply Chain into a competitive advantage for the company is only possible by integrating all suppliers through non-invasive and simplified communication.

Find out in our checklist how four companies have succeeded in:

Increasing supplier reliability: Sidel

It may seem trivial, but Reliability is without a doubt the main key feature to defining a “good” supplier. A supplieris reliable if it is able to meet the quality standards and delivery deadlines agreed.

But is it really possible to increase the reliability of your supplier base?

Applying Lean Principles to the Supply Chain: Orthofix

The benefits of Lean in manufacturing have long been known and many are the companies that have decided to put this theory into practice with significant benefits.
And if you were to apply the same principles to the supply chain?

Lightening the workload of the purchasing department: Datalogic

Datalogic, among the largest producers in the world of barcode scanners and detectors, has chosen the road of automation to reduce the burden that weighed on the purchasing department, and was able to allocate resources to strategic activities with high value added.

Gain the benefits of a responsive and dynamic supply chain: Mandelli Sistemi

Mandelli Systems, active in the field of mechanical engineering and automation, had a very clear need: a supply chain management solution that had to meet the needs of its suppliers, preventing them from buying new software or changing theirinternal procedures.

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