29 October 2019
massima efficienza supply chain

7 points to achieve maximum efficiency in the supply chain [checklist]

There are many areas where it is possible to intervene to reduce costs and improve operations along the supply process.
Sometimes there is the risk of focusing on certain activities and ignoring serious inefficiencies that, in a global vision of the supply chain, weigh heavily on the profitability of the passive cycle.

It is therefore useful to elaborate a checklist to help assess if the Supply Chain is fully efficient or if improvements are needed.
We have identified 7 points to focus on and for each point we have highlighted the critical issues that can arise and the benefits that can be attained after accurate analysis and strategic actions are taken. For each area of intervention, we have reported practical examples and case studies of companies that have faced and won the Supply Chain challenge, a prerequisite today to be able to stay on the market and develop improvement strategies.

What do we mean by “efficiency”?
Cost savings – more efficiency means not having to bear unnecessary expenses for activities and processes.
Reduction of execution times – “doing more with less and less time”. As “time” is the most limited resource, it becomes fundamental to be able to shorten even a single activity.
Proactivity – act in advance before events happen tobe remedied. Prevention, in fact, is always better than cure.
Process fluidity – a natural fluidity of the succession of phases, states and activities without any hitches, in a simple and easy way, until the original purpose of the process is reached.

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