Increased orders

Reduced time-to-market, no increase in resources and supplier delivery times that are longer than the times required for the order. The result is an overworked production line, late deliveries to the end customer and an inability to exploit all opportunities.


Very different types of supplier

There is a vast difference between the business models and work methods used by a small family company and a multinational. Purchasing office resources are totally focused on repetitive and low added-value activities to the detriment of collaboration and information sharing with the supplier, which generates a lack of reliable data.


Update requests

Customers constantly demand information and updates regarding the products ordered, from the delivery date to work progress and requests for changes  Unanswered requests and imprecise information are the order of the day for buyers. This lack of communication translates into a poor level of service for the end customer.


The solution to your needs

To improve collaboration between customers and suppliers, it is essential to streamline the procurement process, integrate IT systems that avoid double entries and data loss, optimize the use of internal resources by eliminating low added-value activities and use a tool like IUNGO with a non-invasive approach that allows ALL suppliers to be integrated without distinction.



IUNGOmail allows you to involve ALL suppliers whatever their size, language, language or technology.



All management systems are integrated to avoid double entries and data loss.



Improved delivery reliability and constant information sharing.


“The evolution of the purchasing office also passes through IUNGO. We have integrated 1200 suppliers and dealt with 26,000 requests from various players in the supply chain while reducing purchasing lead time by 30%. A simple solution for complex systems.”


Michele Magistretti
Purchasing Manager @ABS

“With IUNGO the clearest result right from the start was the extra time it gave us for added value activities, like supplier scouting, procurement marketing, compiling NDA documents and general purchasing conditions…”


Alfonso Oliveri
Purchasing and Production Director @Teknoice

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