10 May 2021
digital collaboration

The argument for Digital Collaboration in your supply chain

Managing the purchasing process in a traditional way leads to wasted time and resources and is at odds with the value of flexibility, which is essential in today’s market.

The traditional management of the purchasing process focuses on production control, without considering the elements of waste within the flow.

In this approach, collaboration with suppliers is not developed and there is not enough time to research new market opportunities.

What should be done? There is the need to move towards the digitalized management of the purchasing process and the entire supply chain.

A supply chain digitization project helps us:

  • Identify where waste is lurking
  • Develop efficient and proactive collaboration with suppliers
  • Measure supplier reaction times
  • Manage constant changes in demand without losing new market opportunities
  • Track all process steps

What are the main supply chain processes that can be addressed, and how best to go about it?

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