After a careful study of internal processes, Comer Industries, an international leader in advanced mechatronic systems for power transmission, with a turnover of 361 million euros and 1250 employees, found that to be effective on customers without increasing stock levels, it is necessary to act on the performance of the supply chain.


  • To meet customer requests for reduced lead times and improved responsiveness and delivery reliability
  • To improve the performance of the supply chain, defining indicators to measure it


IUNGO Procurement, with the following modules:

  • Scheduling agreement
  • Purchase order
  • Contract work
  • ASN
  • Barcode Labels

Integration with SAP


  • 100% integrated suppliers, including those outside the EU
  • Savings of 1,700 man-hours per year, now dedicated to high value-added activities
  • ERP update in real time: streamlined and error-free purchasing, production and delivery planning processes