The Italian subsidiary of the Swiss multinational Cavotec SA, Cavotec Specimas is the market leader for power transfer and automation in various industrial sectors, offering solutions for the power supply of cranes and mobile applications that include ports and terminals, mines and tunnels, cranes and construction sites.


  • To dedicate internal resources only to high value-added activities
  • To streamline the procurement process
  • To reduce waste and downtime
  • To simplify coordination activities between internal resources
  • To maintain a simple and minimally invasive approach to suppliers


IUNGO Procurement, with the following modules:

  • Scheduling agreement
  • Purchase order
  • Contract work
  • Performance KPI
  • Approval Workflow

Integration with SAP


  • Increased control of issued orders
  • Increased resource efficiency
  • Improved traceability of documentation
  • Management of the authorization workflow
  • Immediate sharing of data and indicators for performance evaluation